Thursday, April 2 2020 (updated)

Yesterday, Minnesota public health officials put out a call for handmade masks.  Sarah Parker and Melissa Pederson are leading this effort.  If you would like to participate, here is what you need to know:
1) This link tells about sewing face masks urgently needed by local hospitals.  Fortunately, many people are stepping up to make them, but this has resulted in a shortage of elastic.  If you cannot find elastic, the masks can be made with ties instead.  There should be a tie in each corner, and each tie should be about 18 inches.  Ties can be made from fabric, bias tape, seam tape, or grosgrain ribbon.
2) Place completed masks in either a paper or plastic shopping bag with handles. Drop off between the hours of 8am – 8pm at a drop off location (there will be a marked bin or other drop off instructions).  If you are unable to get to a drop-off location, please contact Peter (contact information below); he will arrange to pick up your masks.

Drop off locations:
4313 Morningside Road, Edina
5628 York Ave S, Edina
5313 Morgan Avenue South, Minneapolis
4300 Linden Hills Blvd., Minneapolis
3309 Park Avenue, Minneapolis
4025 Queen Ave. South, Minneapolis

Volunteers will be collecting masks from the drop off locations and delivering them to designated donation sites. We plan to continue this ministry as long as a need remains, so keep sewing. Thanks in advance for helping keep our doctors, nurses, and other medical staff safe!  Design and sewing questions can be directed to Sarah Parker or Melissa Pederson. Other questions can be directed to Peter Clayburgh (or by phone at 773-569-0803)..