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September 9, 2021
  • Linden Hills History Study Group

    September 9, 2021  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

      • We’ve decided to take a different approach from the meeting we were going to have in the library on July 26, so would you pls cancel our reservation?
      • We would like to use the Parish Hall on Thursday September 9, for a meeting of the Linden Hills History Study Group. We would like to use the space from about 6:30-9:00 p.m. There would likely be about 50 people. Can we reserve it? If so, a few questions:
        • We would need a projector and screen and sound system. I think things have changed recently. Should I talk to Chad about how things work now, or do you know about that?

      Yes, there is a new sound system.We have been having difficulty livestreaming video content, but if you downloadany content onto your computer, it works beautifully. Right now Chad is onvacation, and we will be looking into dealing with our internet issues afterRachel gets back on August 1. So I’d just make a point to check in with Racheland Chad several weeks before the event to find out about the system.

      • In the past someone has set up the chairs for us, auditorium-style, for the audience. Will that still work, or should be plan to do setup? I don’t know what the personnel situation is now for doing such things.

      I’d think we could still do that,as long as we don’t have a Thursday day event in the Parish Hall. Our Sextonworks on Wednesday night and can set up then. But you’ll need to confirm thiswith Rachel a few weeks before the event also.

      • I understand from Lisa that at present masks would be required; we’re hoping by that time they won’t be required, but we’ll comply with whatever is needed.

      Right now I don’t know. Itdepends greatly on whether children under 12 can be vaccinated by then for ouroverall building policy. Given that there won’t be children in the buildingduring your event, that may be waived, though currently a group that size wouldneed to be masked regardless of vaccination status.

      Likewise, we would like to provide light refreshments (likecookies/snacks) if that’s possible by that time. I assume we could do coffeeand tea, right?

      Again, it’s hard to answer. We docurrently allow coffee and tea after the service, but that’s because people canchoose whether or not to be there and it isn’t part of the worship service. I wish I could say what is likely, but no part of this pandemic has beenpredictable. I’d say you should be prepared for either option, and we’ll decidecloser to the event. How much lead time do you need? Would two weeks besufficient?

      We appreciate that requirements aren’t crystal-clear at thistime, but we’d like to know as well as possible what they’re likely tobe.  Thanks.

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September 21, 2021