Adult Forum: Go

Go: Cross boundaries, listen deeply, and live like Jesus. Reading for the day:Luke 10:25-37 Question of the day: Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone to connect with a person unlike yourself? If “Go” is a practice, what helps you start?   Additional questions discussed at the forum:1. “We are all priests and Levites.” 2.[…]

Adult Forum: Worship

Worship: Gather in community weekly to thank, pause, and dwell with God. Reading for the day: Question of the day:Why are YOU here today? Additional questions discussed at the forum:1. What were your hopes and expectations as you came to worship today, and were those hopes and expectations fulfilled?2. Have you had an experience similar[…]

Adult Forum: Pray

Pray: Dwell intentionally with God each day. Reading for the day:Luke 11:9-13 Question of the day:What do you want to happen when you pray? Additional questions discussed at the forum:1. What from the scripture reading resonates with you?2. How has your understanding of prayer, and your practice of praying, changed at different times in your[…]

Adult Forum: Learn

Learn: Reflect on scripture each day, especially Jesus’ life and teachings. Reading for the day:Micah 4:1-5 Question of the day:When have you experienced The Kingdom of Heaven within or around you? Additional questions discussed at the forum:1. What, in your experience, speaks to the future possibility of reconciliation, personal or corporate?2. Consider Psalm 90, verse[…]