The World I Thought I Knew

The World I Thought I Knew:  Reconciling Minnesota’s Competing Narratives by Mark Lindberg In 2003, as a senior program officer for the (then) Otto Bremer Foundation, I reviewed a funding proposal from a local nonprofit that contained incomprehensible information.  According to a joint study by the Council on Crime and Justice (CCJ) and the Institute[…]

Flowers On My Doorstep

Flowers On My Doorstep by Jo Bolles   


MaryPsalm by Susan Swann If I cry, I declare “I’ve lost my faith. I am without hope, which means I am without the one who is hope.” So how can I cry, when my only child is alone in a hospital bed, his body betraying him? How can I cry? How can I not? You who[…]

Arriving at 38th and Chicago

Arriving at 38th and Chicago – May 31, 2020 by Jessie Johnson  A makeshift memorial fills the block– A slow caravan of pilgrims walk the way of the cross to our new Golgotha. Cardboard signs hastily scribbled with the Gospel truth that Black Lives Matter– Scripture for our times. A circle of flowers where George[…]

Deliverance Denied

DELIVERANCE DENIED by Jay Hornbacher Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble and he delivered them from their distress.                                                                     -Psalm 107 A man wakes up, not breathing, terrified, until his barely conscious mind reminds him that it was just a dream, just the terrors of the night. Then[…]