Note from Haiti

Greetings to the parishioners of St John’s, I am very happy that you continue to proclaim your faith in God while all of the churches are celebrating the Holy Trinity day. By my,  I had a very nice celebration at St Philippe and St Jacques parish at Greasier with 21 people. Because of Corona Virus,[…]

Welcome our new Intern

Elizabeth Lienesch is a new intern at St. John’s who will be part of our parish for the next two years. She is a student at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, pursuing a Masters of Divinity and is in formation to become an Episcopal priest. Elizabeth grew up in North Carolina and moved to Minnesota[…]

Workshop on Writing Psalms

Do current events make you want to cry out or to throw up?  Then you share something with the Psalmist! Our “Turn Group” has been meeting on Sunday afternoons from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm since Lent.  We’re pivoting to a four-week workshop on writing (or reacting to) Psalms starting Sunday, May 17.  We’ll use[…]

Offerings from Exile

Jay Hornbacher and Steve Schewe are proposing an anthology about our faith community’s experience during the pandemic. In Offerings from Exile:  A Handbook of Resilience, we will focus on a Pentecost theme: how is God’s Spirit showing up in your life and in the life of the world—in good times and bad? Share what you see[…]

St. John’s appreciates all those who volunteered their time, skills, passion and presence to serve children and teens while influencing relational and faith formation. The hours spent the past nine months intentionally engaging children and teens is of immeasurable valuable. Thank you for preparing, researching, listening, discerning, teaching, influencing, relating, laughing, and being with young people. We appreciate you: John Bellaimey, Confirmation Dave Carlson, Sunday School Grades 6-7[…]

Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative Prayer by Zoom Sunday Evenings at 7pm A small group of parishioners has been meeting in the chapel for contemplative prayer every Sunday evening at 7 pm for over fifteen years. Since March we have been meeting by Zoom.  We would like to invite anyone interested to join us. The format is simple –[…]

What Would Whipple Do? (WWWD)

Click here to read an update of our current position paper for your information. We continue to meet bi-weekly and will in the near future have more detailed information of activities over the summer and into the fall.  If you have any questions, or want to chat further about the process, please reach out to Rex[…]

2021 Pilgrim Destination

St. John’s tradition is for students to embark on a pilgrim journey of communal, spiritual and personal self-discovery before beginning confirmation, allowing each individual to bring their own self-knowledge and personality to their adult commitment to faith. Pilgrimage is the practice where our youth can build, create, find and shape their faith for themselves. This[…]

Earth Day

Earth Month Invitation Happy Earth Month!  While COVID-19 prevents us from celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day as we were planning this year, we are pivoting – as we all have learned to do with so many aspects of our lives during these unprecedented times. During April (Earth Month), and especially as we approach Earth[…]

Lent Madness Update 4.9

Harriet Tubman is awarded the Golden Halo! What a run she had. And, what a shakeup of our standings based on the final two rounds! We started out our Lent Madness game with the Round of 32. Each correct saintly selection was worth 2 points. The powerhouse duo of Mary Corlett and Joanie Hawkinson collected[…]

Lent Madness Update 4.2

This is getting crazy! At the time of my last update, half-way through the Saintly 16 round – we had Henry Clayburgh picking up 12 points and looking invincible. After that posting, he failed to get any more points, and dropped from first place to 22nd place! WHAT?!?!?  Susan Swann, who was tied with Henry[…]

Our Saviour’s Shelter on 4.10

Your Assistance is Requested on Friday, April 10th Please consider supporting our Shelter Meal Ministry during this season of both atonement and hope. Our homeless neighbors are need of sustenance. Given the constraints of our current situation, we are planning to order pizzas and provide salad and dessert for guests at Our Saviour’s Housing Shelter[…]

Lent Madness Update 3.26

Hello again, Lent Madness players! The lack of sports to follow has greatly enhanced my love of this game. At least this game gives me something I can repeatedly refresh during the day hoping for a different result. Refreshing the news does not help! We are now half-way through the Saintly 16 round. 8 matchups over,[…]

Children, Youth, Family 3.19

Children, Youth & Family As we adjust to a new normal, we are re-imagining children’s, youth and family ministry. We are asking parents to answer 8 questions to help us understand their family’s needs as we consider the possibilities of: – weekly Children’s Chapel pre-recorded or live video – access to Sunday School curriculum for parents to teach children at home[…]

Q: In what ways do you share your musical gifts at St. Johns? A: I sing in the Youth Choir, and I play in the Chime Choir. Q: What music do you listen to? A: Old Rock’n’Roll, Pop, and some Folk. Q: Do you have a favourite musical artist, song or compositions? A: Like my[…]