“You’re doing it wrong.” “You’re not doing it enough.”“You’re actually not doing it at all.” This was my internal monologue as I sat down to reflect on three weeks of practicing the “Go” portion of the Way of Love. I was looking for the kind of Go that would call me into a deeply unfamiliar[…]


“Rabbi, is there a Proper Blessing for a White Supremacist?” Share faith and unselfishly give and serve. Jesus called his disciples to give, forgive, teach, and heal in his name. We are empowered by the Spirit to bless everyone we meet, practicing generosity and compassion, and proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ with[…]


WORSHIP Sitting in church, surrounded by the St. John’s community, my senses are engaged.  I am present. Through hearing, I witness Chad’s wonderful music, crying children, playful children, God’s word in Scripture, sermons that touch my heart and soul.  I hear “Peace be with you”, airplanes overhead, prayers. With my eyes, I experience the liturgical[…]


Every day I want to speak with you. And every day something more importantcalls for my attention—the drugstore, the beauty products, the luggageI need to buy for the trip.Even now I can hardly sit hereamong the falling piles of paper and clothing, the garbage trucks outsidealready screeching and banging.The mystics say you are as close[…]


Learning in the Way of Love, for me, involves the study of Anglican mystics like Eveyln Underhill (re-reading this fall for probably the tenth time her classic book Mysticism) and John Donne. Studying the Way of Love in the autumn is especially energizing because, as a college professor, I associate the fall with fresh, new[…]

Rule of Life

When I was in high school I lived in Belgium, because my Dad worked for 3M and got a job transfer over there. One of the things we used to joke about was that in Europe generally, people seemed to consider traffic signs, speed limits and the drinking age “suggestions.” When my dad got another[…]