Children & youth are a vibrant and essential part of our community and ministry. In our welcoming and socially conscious environment, we help children and youth to fulfill our baptismal covenant, which includes seeking and serving Christ in all persons and striving for justice and peace among all people.

Ministry Goals

We encourage lifestyles involving practice, falling down, getting up and deepening in experience of Gods healing, liberating, justice-making love. As children and teens participate from birth through high school, our hoped for outcomes—aligned with church values—for what they know, do and be include:

  • KNOW | Children and teens learn who our loving God is through scripture stories, Episcopal tradition, and experiences within community.
  • DO | Children and teens engage in opportunities to integrate their faith through action and understand how Jesus’ Way of Love impacts daily life.
  • BE | Children and youth welcome all people as created in God’s image and begin to live into who they are created to be through meaningful relationships with peers, adults, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and the earth.

Faith Milestones

  • Birth | Baptism
  • Age 3 |  Entering Sunday School
  • Grade 5/6 |  Entering Youth Group + Becoming Acolyte
  • Grades 7/8 |  Pilgrimage Preparation + Trip
  • Grade 10/11 |  Confirmation
  • Grade 11/12 |  Centennial Fund

Children’s Chapel

We offer a children’s chapel service for little ones. The age range is about 4 through 10, but some younger and older kids are able to participate well. Children’s Chapel includes singing and praying. We are always happy to have parents accompany children to this service. Currently these services are happening when we meet in person. Click here to see what we are doing this summer.

Weekly on Sundays

September – May

We have returned to the following in-person schedule.

  • Sunday School meets most Sunday mornings during the school year from 10:10 until 10:50 am.  Sunday school is provided for children ages 3 (by September 1) up through Senior High.

Annual Events

September – May

We have returned to the following in-person schedule.

  • Advent Intergenerational Event
  • Children’s Christmas Pageant
  • Epiphany Intergenerational Event
  • Lent Intergenerational Event
  • Easter Walking After Jesus service

Children’s Choirs

See the music page for information.