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Grab a cup of coffee and join us in the Parish Hall during the education hour (10:10-10:50am). Using a variety of formats, including speaker presentations and facilitated discussions, we’ll learn about the practices of the Way of Love, hear about the ways real people are engaging faith in daily life, and learn about the ways God is active in the world outside our doors through partners and justice ministries. Learn more about the 2019-2020 “Way of Love” theme here.

To learn more about these topics and when they are happening, please click here to view our calendar.
For more information contact Lisa Wiens Heinsohn.


ECMN School for Formation

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota offers courses through the School for Formation, as well as posting myriad local and regional opportunities here.

Community and Education
Community and Education

We offer on-going education. Only it's not anywhere near as boring as that sounds.

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For more information about St. John's Community and Education programs, please contact Rachel Svihel.
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