Dwelling in the Word

St. John’s has adopted Dwelling in the Word as part of our spiritual practice. We use this practice at the beginning of most leadership meetings and adult spiritual growth opportunities. Dwelling in the Word is designed to engage people with a passage from the Bible. Starting a meeting with this practice grounds participants in scripture, an openness to God’s presence and activity, and focuses our energy and intention. It also is a good way to get people sharing with one another at a spiritual level.

Spiritual Direction: A Process and a Relationship

Spiritual direction is a process intended to bring light to the presence of God in one’s life. The context of spiritual direction is a trusting relationship between two people, the director and the seeker. God, however, is the true “director” and always a third presence when director and seeker meet.

St. John’s has names of several certified spiritual directors and will be happy to find one that is right for you. Contact our Rector, Lisa Wiens Heinsohn for a referral.

Saturday Morning Renew Group

Saturdays 8:00-9:00am

This group started as a Men’s Cursillo Renew Group. Now we include anyone interested in discussing the question “How to live a Christian life in a secular world?” We view videos on spiritual topics and pause them often to discuss what they mean to us. The only requirement is an open mind and an open heart. Contact: Stephen Koelmel.