An important milestone in faith: deepening one’s understanding and commitment to Jesus’ Way of Love.

In the Episcopal Church, many of us were baptized as infants before we could intellectually understand what was happening. Since we believe God blesses and saves us independently of anything we do or are capable of, this isn’t a problem for us. Nevertheless, it is important at some point in our spiritual journey to learn about and have the chance to commit more deeply to Jesus’ Way of Love with our whole selves—body, mind and spirit. Confirmation is the way we do this. A person seeking confirmation joins others for a period of spiritual formation and learning, ending with the rite of confirmation with our Bishop. Confirmation is available for both teens and for adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of St. John’s to be confirmed?

Usually, this would be the best option. If you don’t have a church, why not make St. John’s your church? If you do have a church, why not have the confirmation there? And if you don’t want a church, why be confirmed at all? The clergy at St. John’s would love to talk with you about these questions or any related issues that might be on your mind.

What if I (or my teen child) is not certain they want to be confirmed?

The whole point of going through the process of confirmation class is to learn deeply about Jesus’ Way of Love and learn to express faith in your own words. Because our faith is liberating, life-giving and loving, we think it’s worth learning about. But the ultimate choice is always up to the individual who takes the class.

How often does confirmation class happen?

For teenagers, it happens every other year for 10th-11th graders. For adults, contact Lisa Wiens Heinsohn to find out when the next available class is being offered.

Interested in confirmation?

If you are interested in confirmation, please fill out the contact form below!