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Home Altars

By October 8, 2020No Comments

During this extended time of pandemic, we know we need time for quiet, for prayer, and for connection with God. And we know that it’s more important than ever to be experiencing and sharing the transformation God offers us in our Monday – Saturday lives. With that in mind, we’re offering a “worship box” — a way to help you create a space for contemplation, prayer, and worship at home — and a way to stay connected with the St. John’s community from afar. In this box, you will find a few simple items that will help you build an “altar” or “sacred space” in your own home.

There is a piece of cloth, donated by members of St. John’s for now postponed trips to Haiti. We have repurposed this donation and it can be spread out on top of your box or on a table in your home to create a “base” for your altar area. You’ll also find a candle you can light during prayer or while watching the video worship service. Finally, you’ll find three cards with images on the front and prayers on the back. We hope these cards can help with a prayer ritual during your week.

We encourage you to add things you find sacred  to your altar! These might be items from nature or from your family’s history; you can try incense, pictures, or things that remind you of times you’ve especially felt God’s presence. You might create artwork representing the seven practices of Jesus’ Way of Love.

To receive a worship box on your porch or stoop, email our seminary intern Elizabeth Lienesch with your address and anything we need to know about delivering a box to your home!