Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson came to St. John’s in September of 2014. Matthew was raised up from St. Luke’s in Minneapolis, where he attended for 8 years. He went through discernment here and completed his training through the School for Formation. Matthew spent the last year before ordination at St. James on the Parkway as a Deacon[…]

Heidi Joos

Heidi Joos is a native of the Midwest who roamed on the east coast for a number of years before moving back here to the heartland almost 12 years ago. She was a United Methodist pastor for 12 years and now an Episcopal priest for the past 15 years.  However, she has never earned a[…]

John Bellaimey

John Bellaimey is a native of Detroit, Michigan, having attended University of Detriot Jesuit High School, Haverford College, and Harvard Divinity School.  Ordained in Breck’s Chapel of the Holy Spirit in 1990, John has served as head of the Religion department there ever since.  John teaches World Religions, Biblical Studies, Ethics, and Theology at Breck,[…]

Susan J. Barnes

Susan J. Barnes came to St. John’s in 2012 from her native Texas, where she had served nearly eleven years as an associate at St. Matthew’s and then held a brief stint at Christ Church Cathedral, where she was baptized and reared. Her work in ministry runs the gamut from mission and outreach, to newcomer[…]