September 27, 2015
10:10 am - 2:17 am
St. John's Chapel

A 3-week series, repeated several times throughout the year. The first two sessions are held in the chapel during the Sunday Education Hour (10:10-10:50) and the third session is held over dinner on Sunday evening in a parishioner’s home or at church.

The classes are a good way to meet others on the same journey of discovery, as well the New Member Ministry Team and St. John’s staff. If you who are reading this have been thinking about what membership entails, OR if you know someone who may have visited but never considered membership, please keep this class in mind! The class answers many questions, and provides a very comfortable way to become a full and participating member of our worship community.  For more information, contact Craig Gudorf (craig.gudorf@ceridian.com).

Upcoming Events
  • Noonday Prayer

    May 14, 2021  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    via Zoom. Link available in our weekly emails.

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  • Public Safety Ministry

    May 14, 2021  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Via Zoom


    Meeting ID: 628 728 5863

    A group of St. John's members have been studying the challenge of reformingpolice departments like MPD.  We meet weekly and maintain a Basecampcollaboration site with articles and comments. To join this site, contact Steve Schewe.

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