“We are blessed as a nation to vote. As citizens of this country this is a right, an obligation, and a duty. Go vote. Vote your conscience. Your conscience informed by what it means to love your neighbor, to participate in the process of seeking the common good, to participate in the process of making this a better world. However you vote, go and vote. And do that as followers of Jesus.” -Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love. — 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Our participation in Vote Forward, the personal letter writing campaign to low-propensity voters in swing states, culminated last Saturday in The Big Send.  170,000 volunteers sent 17 million letters.  If you were one of the writers, thank you for making a difference!

New York Magazine collaborated with the non-partisan organization I Am A Voter and 48 graphic artists to produce ‘I voted’ stickers for people who mailed their ballots.  You can order these stickers here.

The U.S. Elections Project website is tracking a “good news” story: the number of people voting.  12 days before the election, ballots from early voting and vote by mail exceed 30% of total 2016 votes.

Getting souls to the polls isn’t just about casting your own vote, but about working together so we can all vote and vote faithfully.  This page is a simple one-stop-shop for learning about registering, what’s on the ballot, and ways to create a plan to vote.

Take the Time to Check Your Voter Registration

Easily check your voter registration status below. If you are not registered, you may register online until Tuesday, October 13. Minnesota does have election day registration. Please check below for what you’ll need to do to register same day.

Create a Plan to Vote

Given the COVID pandemic and needs for social distancing, consider voting by mail or voting early. If this is your choice, check out the options below.

Options for voting early:

To vote on election day, Tuesday, November 3

  • Know where your polling site is located
  • Make sure you have a way to get to your local polling station. Public transit may be at reduced capacity due to the pandemic, so double-check schedules ahead of time.

Understand what will be on the ballot this year

While the Presidential election generates the most attention, local and state elections are also highly consequential. Use this tool to see who will appear on your ballot and research the candidates so you can make an informed vote.

Looking For Other ways to Get Involved?

Evidence suggests that a handwritten note encourages others to vote, consider joining the letter writing campaign through Vote Forward . Don’t forget to encourage your friends, family and neighbors to vote!

There is a Faith and citizenship guide (PDF) for Episcopalians that has a number of resources as well.