2020 Pledge Campaign

Our Way Forward:
Living into God’s Purpose for Ourselves and the World


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Beloved St. John’s community,

The past two years have been full of transition, challenge and accomplishment. We have successfully launched and sustained a generous capital campaign; said good bye to our beloved Rector Susan and joyfully welcomed our new Rector Lisa; stepped out in faith to create the Centennial Fund from a tithe of our capital campaign donations; and continued to worship, make music, do justice & service, spiritually nurture children & youth, and engage the many other ministries that make up our St John’s community. We’ve also seen increasing divisiveness and tension in the country around us.

At times like these, it’s important to remember why we exist: to follow Jesus’ Way of Love toward God’s healing and reconciliation in the world, toward the Beloved Community. This purpose is the heart of our annual fall stewardship campaign, when we engage the spiritual ministry of financial giving. Our theme is Our Way Forward: Living Into God’s Purpose for Ourselves and the World.

This fall, we’ll be assessing how well St. John’s nourishes its members through focus groups that create a snapshot of the spiritual life and health of this community. We’re launching a comprehensive focus on learning about the Way of Love, the seven spiritual practices that help us connect faith with daily life, through sermons, adult forums, and blogs.

As part of this focus, we’re also doing the sacred work of inviting each of you to engage the spiritual practice of “bless” by making a generous annual pledge to St John’s. You can explore more deeply what God is up to here in person, on our website, or by engaging the seven practices of the Way of Love yourself alongside other St. John’s parishioners. What you’ll discover is that throughout all our ministries, people and activities, there is a common thread: God’s Spirit is active to transform and heal us—and through us, to transform and heal the world around us.

Our minimum goal this fall is to increase our annual pledge total by 5%, which will enable us to maintain and strengthen the excellence of what we already do (for a person who pledges $5000 per year, this amounts to about a $20 / month increase). Please consider pledging more than that—an increase of 10% would allow us to deepen our relationships with outreach partners like First Nations Kitchen, Sisterhood Boutique and Circle of the Beloved, raise our excellent staff’s salaries to remain competitive, create a “wellbeing fund” for the spiritual health and vitality of staff, in addition to the “Father Gear Fund” that exists to help parishioners in need, and continue to steward our beautiful historic building.

Let’s step in faith on Our Way Forward—and thank you in advance for your generosity to God’s purposes for the St. John’s community. To make your pledge, please fill out the enclosed pledge card and mail it to St. John’s, or bring it to church on Consecration Sunday, October 27, when the community will place their pledge cards in the basket during Sunday morning worship.


Dick Howard, Stewardship Co-chair                Kay Kramer, Stewardship Co-chair               Lisa Wiens Heinsohn, Rector


After they have given their speeches, you may click on their name to read a printed version.
September 29: 8 & 11am ~Jane Gilgun; 9am ~ Steve Schewe
October 6: 8 & 11am ~ Mark Lindberg; 9am ~ Sue Everson-Rose
October 13: Shelly Gil-Murray
October 20: 8 & 9am ~ Kari Slade; 11am ~ Ryan Curl & Kari Rusch-Curl