Housing Ministry

Urban HomeWorks

St. John’s is partnered with Urban Home Works, an agency dedicated to affordable housing by renovating existing structures and making them available to people with household income of $17,000-20,000. Their recent efforts have been focused in North Minneapolis, an area of the city where St John’s has a deep sense of call to serve and be in relationship.

St John’s works over 15 days a year on Urban HomeWorks sites; more than 40 people have volunteered their time and skill. Volunteers of all skill levels are welcome to do general carpentry and housing renovation, supervised by Urban HomeWorks staff. To learn more about the great work that Urban Homeworks does, visit urbanhomeworks.org. To volunteer, contact John Corlett or 612-839-6566.

During COVID-19:
We have started having work days again – small groups limited – teams of 5 people each working half days. Second Saturday every month. 

Food Ministries

Our Saviour’s Shelter Meals

St John’s is actively involved with Our Saviour’s Housing, which provides emergency shelter for forty men and women in Southeast Minneapolis. Our Saviour’s is unique in that residents may stay up to one month and longer if they are actively saving money towards permanent housing. The shelter also provides case management services to help residents find employment, seek medical help, counseling or whatever the need may be. To get involved, contact Caron Stebinger.

During COVID-19:
The shelter has moved all of its guests to a hotel where they all occupy separate rooms. Currently no meals are being served. Click here to learn how to help right now.

First Nations Kitchen

Located at All Saint’s Indian Mission in south Minneapolis, First Nations Kitchen serves a Sunday night supper for the people in the neighborhood. The goal is to serve healthy, organic, food, based on the ancestral diet of the First Nations people, in a welcoming, family environment. The target clientele is the indigenous community in the Twin Cities, residents of nearby Little Earth of the United Tribes housing community and people from the neighborhood. All ages welcome (you must be 14 or older to serve food).

During COVID-19: First Nations Kitchen has moved to a Produce Giveaway model
St. John’s is scheduled the second Sunday of odd-numbered months. There are two separate groups who maintain strict Covid-19 safety protocols. The first group of three or four meets from 12 to 2:30. They receive produce from donors, fill bags, and clean up after their work. The later group of three or four meets from 5 to 7 and they distribute the prepared bags from a table located outside the guest entry door, and clean up after their work.

For more information about this ministry, visit firstnationskitchen.org. To get involved, contact JoAnn Blatchley.

4th Sunday Offering

Every fourth Sunday of the month we collect a second offering during the services to provide quarterly donations to local food and housing ministries. Each year we donate $2200 each to the following ministries: TRUST, Urban HomeWorks, Our Saviour’s Shelter, First Nations Kitchen, and Joyce Food Shelf. Click here to donate now (choose Food & Shelter category). Your generosity is very much appreciated!

Earth Matters

Earth Matters is St. John’s initiative to work against the harmful effects of climate change. It is dedicated to encouraging people to mindfully change how they live, how they pray and how they work for systemic change. It consists of three sub-groups working in distinct yet overlapping areas:

Spiritual Practice

The Spiritual Practice group seeks to bring consciousness of the Earth and its health to your daily spiritual practice.

Practical Action

The Practical Action group encourages people to gradually reduce their carbon footprint and begin to live a life of health and sustainability.

Systemic Change

The Systemic Change group provides opportunities for people to engage in changing the systems that contribute to climate change.

Resources for Environmentally-Sustainable Living

Many of us at St. John’s are trying to be more environmentally aware and live more sustainably each day. Finding reliable information can be a challenge; fortunately, we have within our church several members who are knowledgeable about solar energy, electric cars, rain gardens, composting, and other earth-friendly practices. Members have information and personal experiences, which they will gladly share as a first step to learning about sustainable living, click here.

To find out more about particular topics, click the links below:

For more information, contact committee chair Doug Mensing.

TRUST Ministries

TRUST, Inc. is an ecumenical coalition of eighteen south Minneapolis congregations, extending the ministries of local churches to support our broader community, particularly seniors and youth.  Parishioners can engage in a variety of ways, including Meals on Wheels, chore services, parish nursing, grief support groups, grocery trip support, among many others. To learn more, visit trustinc.org or call 612.827.6159.

Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ)

The NAZ is a defined area of North Minneapolis that is the focus of a collaborative effort of 50 organizations that serve youth and families on the north side of Minneapolis. It is inspired by the success of the Harlem Children’s Zone. Its goal is to create a “culture of achievement”, guaranteeing college readiness for every single child living in the zone. The geographic boundaries of the zone are Broadway to 36th Avenue North and Penn Avenue North to I-94.

St. John’s has been an ally of NAZ since its inception and now works to encourage participation in NAZ initiatives, including mentoring and tutoring children and supporting efforts to promote healthy neighborhoods in North Minneapolis.

To learn more, contact Susan Tapp, or visit northsideachievement.org.

Justice & Service at St. John’s
Justice & Service at St. John’s

They say a mind once stretched will never return to its original dimensions. We believe the same to be true for the heart.

Our members have passion for direct personal service and relationships, broader systemic change, and the pursuit of justice for individuals and whole communities.

Actions to Combat Racism
Justice & Service Events
March 13, 2021
  • Affordable Housing workday

    March 13, 2021  8:30 am - 3:00 pm

    We have started having work days again - teams of 5 people each working half days. For more details and to sign up, please contact John Corlett.

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March 14, 2021
  • First Nations Kitchen

    March 14, 2021  12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    First Nations Kitchen

    During COVID-19 FNK is doing produce giveaway. St. John's hope for 3 folks on prep 12-2:30pm and 3 folks for Giveaway 5-7pm. Contact JoAnn Blatchley or 952-922-0308 to signup. For more information about First Nations Kitchen, check out their website

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March 20, 2021
April 10, 2021
  • Affordable Housing workday

    April 10, 2021  8:30 am - 3:00 pm

    We have started having work days again - teams of 5 people each working half days. For more details and to sign up, please contact John Corlett.

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May 8, 2021
  • Affordable Housing workday

    May 8, 2021  8:30 am - 3:00 pm

    We have started having work days again - teams of 5 people each working half days. For more details and to sign up, please contact John Corlett.

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