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Music Highlight

Music Highlight: Liv Rosten

By September 24, 2018No Comments

In what ways do you share your musical gifts at St. Johns?

I was in the bell choir a couple of years ago. Living in St. Paul has made participating in music at church a bit of a challenge.


What music do you listen to?

Mainly: alternative, psychedelic rock and R & B. And throw in a bit of alt-rock/alt-country, and indie/folk. I enjoy music from many eras, from the 1950’s-90’s. A few examples are: Ricky Nelson, Ben E. King, Queen, David Bowie, the Fugees and Semisonic.


Do you have a favourite musical artist, song or compositions?

At the moment, I am really enjoying Roy Blair – an alternative/indie new artist I found on Spotify.


Is there any particular music or musician that has influenced you?

I particularly like the Lumineers. They write a lot about nature, which evokes my favorite place to be, in Ely (MN). And I love their harmonies.


What musical endeavours do you pursue outside of St. John’s?

I’ve taken 10 years of piano lessons, played trumpet for five years, and three summers ago, I picked up ukulele. This summer I’ve taught myself guitar and have enjoyed learning songs by Oasis, the Lumineers, and Mac DeMarco. And I love to sing!


If you could meet any musical person, past or present, who would it be?

Johann Sebastian Bach, or another of the famous classical pianists. I’m in awe of the breadth of their work – creating so many incredible pieces with infinite variations. I’d love to learn more about what inspired them.


What is something people might be surprised to know about you?

One day, I’d love to learn how to the play the upright bass.