We’re a Christian Community

St. John’s is a lively parish of more than 250 families and individuals. We range in age from newborn to our 90s, and we cherish the mix of ethnicities, men, women, gays, straights, children, and elders who make up our community. We are committed to diversity, intellectual discipline, and justice and peace concerns. St. John’s has a long tradition of strong lay involvement and leadership, and we appreciate the variety of experiences and lifestyles that our members bring to the community. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

St. John’s is an Episcopal church, part of the American branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It is often described as a bridge church, because people from both Catholic and Protestant backgrounds find in our service touchstones from their own venerable traditions. We celebrate the Holy Eucharist as our central act of worship. Most Protestants call this service Holy Communion; Catholics know it as the Mass. We welcome everyone to celebrate at God’s table—all may receive the bread and wine.

We Invite You to Join Us

We are grateful for the gift of St. John’s in our lives, and we believe that part of our mission is to share the love of God as we have known it here. Should you choose to join St. John’s, you will be welcomed warmly.

Becoming a member of the church is a process, not a one-time event. Membership includes making a spiritual commitment to worship regularly, participating in educational programs about the church, joining an area of ministry, and offering a financial contribution. We realize that this process takes time, and we encourage you to take steps towards membership as you feel moved to do so. Several times a year, in the context of our worship service, we welcome new members officially.

Becoming a Member

There are several milestones in the journey of belonging. The first and most important decision is to participate regularly in Sunday morning worship. This is our primary act as Christian community, as we gather to pray, learn and gain support from one another. Many people attend St. John’s for a year before taking steps to join the parish and we are happy to share our worship life with you in that initial period of exploration.

There are some official steps to membership. One is to attend a membership class, held two to three times per year. It’s a chance to meet the clergy and leaders of the parish and others exploring membership. We talk about our spiritual backgrounds and faith traditions. We address your questions and explore the mysteries of faith. We tell you about our life and ministry at St. John’s. And we show you our Membership Covenant, the promises we make to one another in community.

If you have questions about membership or would like to explore it for yourself, please call 612-922-0396 or email the church office.

New Member Inquiry Class

We offer a friendly, no obligation introduction to St John’s for anyone who would like to learn more about membership at our church. The member inquiry classes meet for three sessions. The first session is led by lay leaders and offers class members the opportunity to get to know one another while learning a little about our spiritual backgrounds and faith traditions. The second session is led by our rector and consists of information about the Episcopal church generally and St. John’s specifically. In the third session the class gathers with the same small group of parishioners from St John’s for an informal dinner and open discussion.

During these meetings, we will tell you about our life and ministry at St. John’s. Our goal isn’t to persuade you to join our parish; rather, we want to give you enough information so you can better decide if St. John’s is the right spiritual home for you. For dates and information on our next class, please email the church office. We look forward to meeting you.

Welcome to St. John’s
Welcome to St. John’s
You are welcome here.

We gather each Sunday morning to pray, draw strength from the presence of Christ in our sacraments and in one another, and to be inspired and renewed for another week.  We also come together throughout the week to learn and to teach, to serve and to be served, to embody and to receive the love of Christ.

We invite you to join us–come to worship, serve a meal at a homeless shelter, attend a class, offer your musical gifts–and know that we were all new once in the church, and at Christ's table, we are all his guest.

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