Offerings from Exile


We have begun a season of Pentecost unlike any other we have seen in our lifetimes. Between the devastating effects of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the tragic murder of George Floyd and the protests that have followed in its wake, our own world and the greater world are reeling as if from many blows. In this unique time, we need to remember that we are a community walking in Jesus’ Way of Love, with God’s abiding strength and guidance.

Henri Nouwen said, “Knowing God’s heart means consistently, radically, and very concretely to announce and reveal that God is love and only love, and that every time fear, isolation, or despair begins to invade the human soul, this is not something that comes from God.”

We have begun weekly postings of Offerings from Exile (see our sidebar), a planned collection of work primarily from the St. Johns’ community that shares, through various expressions of language and art, what God is doing in our lives when they’ve turned upside down. We thank all contributors, and we hope these postings will inspire others in our community to notice, listen, and engage: by making art; loving others; or seeking justice.

If you’ve been writing, drawing, painting, taking photos, making music, weaving, sculpting, building, gardening, cooking or engaging in other art forms which help you to know God’s heart, we invite you to submit a post of your work (MS WORD docs, JPG, or links to YouTube/Vimeo clips are ideal) to Jay HornbacherOfferings from Exile is an experiment, and we welcome more submissions.

Feel free to offer appreciation, ask questions, or make suggestions to Jay Hornbacher or Steve Schewe.