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Pilgrimage Trips

Holy Land Post 2

By April 8, 2016No Comments

Well, it’s 4:45 am in Jerusalem and I am wide awake!  I can’t believe it’s only day two – so much has happened.  Yesterday we stood on the roof of a building, Beit Abraham, for an amazing panoramic view of Jerusalem. And then……..the call to prayer began from several different mosques – growing louder and louder, blending with each other, haunting and holy. The sacredness of the city was palpable (audible).
Then, led by our teacher, Fr Andrew Mayes, we visited The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, originally named the Church of the Resurrection. It is a huge structure, housing a piece of the Rock of Calvary, Jesus’ tomb and six Christian communities. As we were waiting in line to enter the Greek Orthodox chapel that houses the tomb, a group of Franciscan friars started their procession and chanting around the church. They do this every day. The whole church resonated with their organ music and chanting. I thought it was wonderful. Another audible embodiment of the sacred.
People through the ages have named site of Jesus resurrection as the Center of the World.  Yesterday I could believe that.
Dianne Pizey