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Rector's Reflections

Behind the Scenes 9.16.21

By September 15, 2021No Comments

This new occasional column is to highlight those fabulous St. John’s members who do SO MUCH behind the scenes to keep this place a vibrant, functioning community that follows Jesus’ Way of Love! To kick this off, although I could thank literally hundreds of you, I’d like to start with the following two:

Mary Corlett and Linda McKee

Linda and Mary recently undertook the gargantuan task of deep cleaning our kitchen. They spent two full workdays cleaning out cupboards and drawers, scrubbing appliances and counters, throwing out old accumulated items, organizing what was left, and making our kitchen shine. We can confidently say that it hasn’t been this clean in years. For the love, patience, stamina, and care they have poured onto our building and our community, let us all say a giant thanks!! But let me also give you more information about each of them and their long years of service in and out of St. John’s.

Mary Corlett, her husband John and two (now grown) kids joined St. John’s years ago when their kids were infants, and since then has put in literally countless hours doing anything and everything around St. John’s. Mary heads the gardening and community life (coffee hour and hospitality) committees, Chair Yoga, and co-leads the Guatemala ministry. She also spends countless hours connecting with seniors and selflessly donating time just about everywhere at St John’s. She is generous and helpful. Please thank Mary on behalf of St. John’s!

Linda McKee’s husband is Rex, our Deacon, and her mother was longtime St. John’s member Lillian Gavitt, who I’m grieved to say passed away this past year. Although Linda and Rex returned fully to St John’s recently when Rex became Deacon, they were members of St. John’s for many years in the 1990’s and early 2000s. Since Linda has returned, once her full-time occupation caring for her mother came to a close, she has thrown herself into helping St. John’s de-clutter, clean, and organize. She has endless energy for making this place sparkle and shine. In addition to deep cleaning the kitchen herself, she found a professional to deep clean the kitchen floor—and that too hasn’t been this clean in years—maybe even ever? Please thank Linda on behalf of St. John’s!