Lenten Quiet Retreat

Listening to the Spirit – Please join us on Saturday, March 20th from 9:30am to 11:30am for an Lenten quiet retreat. We will focus on the theme of “Listening to the Spirit,” and will find time for peace, quiet, and calm in the midst of this chaotic world. 

Join us over Zoom as we open with morning prayer  and silent centering prayer. In the middle of the morning we will move into individual time for personal reflection, prayer, meditation, art or walking. As we close our time together, we’ll come back on Zoom for noonday prayer. We’ll be providing resources to help guide this time together (see below), but also encourage you to bring any additional tools you use to find peace and calm. Our daily prayers will use the New Zealand Book of Common Prayer. 

We also know you may be experiencing “Zoom fatigue.” If you’d like to participate but don’t want the retreat to include any “screen time,” you may choose to sign up for the “Non-Zoom option” when you register. If you choose that option, we’ll send you some materials and liturgies you can use on your own to create some time for quiet reflection and prayer.

Lenten Quiet Retreat Toolkit


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