In the Church

St. John’s is a spiritual incubator where we encounter God in each other and are nourished to follow Jesus’ Way of Love in daily life.  You can help lovingly tend our community in many ways.

Service Areas

Children & Youth

We aim to help youth embody love—to seek and serve Christ in all life, and to strive for justice and peace everywhere.

Ways to serve:


We strive for and hope you find the music at St. John’s to be inclusive, eclectic, contemporary, traditional, classic and, above all, welcoming.

Ways to serve:

Worship Services

Helping to prepare for and participate in our services creates the container in which we encounter God. This is sacred, wonderful work, and there are lots of ways to get involved.

Ways to serve:

Member Care

It takes a village to care for each other–during sickness and struggles, when dying and bereaved, and in crises of life and faith.

Ways to serve:

Buildings & Gardens

Our beloved building is both beautiful and old, and our gardens are lovely and need consistent care. We are grateful for those who help maintain both.

Ways to serve:

Leadership & Committees

Like any organization, the church needs strong lay leaders to help govern, tend, and administer operations, budget, and mission.

Ways to serve:


There are lots of ways to welcome and serve each other—from welcoming newcomers to serving coffee on Sunday morning and providing food for funeral receptions.

Ways to serve:

Interested in serving in the church?

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