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July 18 service sign-up

  • 8:00am (no music) and 10:00am in-person sanctuary weekly services of Holy Eucharist for any age.
  • Music will be provided at the 10am service, but there will not be congregational singing.
  • Children’s Chapel will be offered during the 10am service.
  • Childcare will be provided during the 10am service.

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WhatWhenTotal SpotsAvailable Spots
WhatWhenTotal SpotsAvailable Spots
8:00AM service (no music)July 18, 20212020 • Sign-ups Closed
8:00AM waitlistJuly 18, 20211010 • Sign-ups Closed
10:00AM serviceJuly 18, 20212020 • Sign-ups Closed
10:00AM waitlistJuly 18, 20211010 • Sign-ups Closed