Heidi Joos is a native of the Midwest who roamed on the east coast for a number of years before moving back here to the heartland almost 12 years ago. She was a United Methodist pastor for 12 years and now an Episcopal priest for the past 15 years.  However, she has never earned a living that way, but instead toils in the trenches as a physician, first in Family Practice, and for the past 27 years as a psychiatrist. Heidi lives with her partner of 25 years, Ivy Booth, and her amazing Labrador Retriever, Sophia. They have a daughter, Megan, who lives in Pittsburgh and, working closely with her husband, Matt, has supplied 4 grandchildren. Heidi has been an Associate Priest at St. John’s since she moved to Minneapolis. Heidi assists in preaching, presiding at worship, teaching, and providing counsel to St. John’s pastoral care team.