Richard (Dick) Howard

Dick has been a member of St. John’s for nearly 30 years. He was a healthcare executive, strategy, management, fundraising consultant and governance leader for over 43 years in his career. He is married to Chris Howard, a retired lawyer and they have two sons (Nick and Jon) who also attended St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church. They are blessed with a new grandchild in 2022 of Jon and Mylène (Maeva).  Dick is currently on the Vesty for the second time. He and Chris  have been engaged with the contemplative prayer movement of  Episcopal House of Prayer, St. John’s University, the College of St. Benedict and the Benedictine Community for over 50 years.  Dick is an outdoor enthusiast and cares for his family’s 50 acre forest in NW Wisconsin. His time at St. John’s Episcopal Church and its community has been life changing. 

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Susan Swann
My first service as a guest at St. John’s was on June 10, 2012, and my first service as a member-at-heart (but not yet officially) was curbside Communion at the Pride March two weeks later, June 24, 2012. What I love most about being here is the love and support that encourages me to find and share my own gifts.

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Amy Shebeck

I am a new member at St. John’s. I grew up in a religious context but did not really connect with a church community until finding St. John’s; the authenticity and commitment to honoring the sacred within and among us is what I find so special about this place.

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Sara Pohlad

We’ve been at St. John’s for four years, and love that our three boys have a weekly connection to community centered around our values and curiosities. We love the music and the welcoming atmosphere!

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Barb Nicol

My husband and I have been at St. John’s since 1993 and raised our (now 27-year old) daughter here. Through the years we’ve been involved in myriad groups, activities, causes and celebrations here – and it’s the community we’ve met, and keep meeting, that brings us back year after year. Great church and great people!

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Cecelia Caspram

Cecelia and her husband Arun (pronounced like the color “maroon”) are still very new at St. John’s — and the majority of their experiences coming to services and meetings has been during the pandemic. They were drawn in by Lisa (she was their beloved Sunday Night Ministry leader at St. Matthew’s Episcopal in St. Paul); the fact that they had bought a house in SW Minneapolis, so geographically St. John’s seemed ideal; the fact that St. John’s is prioritizing racial justice and healing in this new chapter of its unfolding; how committed folks at St. John’s seem to greater healing, justice, and connection/service within our larger community; and the warm welcome they have received from so many people here.

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Nancy Herbst

I was initially drawn to St. John’s about 14 years ago for the wonderful youth program for our then 14 year old twins. I’ve stayed engaged with the various small groups that have encouraged and supported me in exploring deeper mysterious within Christianity and other faith traditions. For the time being, I’ve moved with my husband to Bend, Oregon but remain connected in spirit with St John’s.

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Ginny Jacobson

I have been a member of St. John’s since 2007. Though church and its small groups over these years I have tried to stretch my faith and increase my understandings, “with a little help from my (St. John’s) friends.”.

7.21.22 Post: When I was being confirmed in the Lutheran Church, the hymn sung was George Croly’s Spirit of God: “Spirit of God, descend upon my heart; Wean it from earth; through all its pulses move.” read more…