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Afghan resettlement program

By January 26, 2022No Comments

St. John’s, St. Luke’s-St. James and St. Paul’s are all working together to welcome a family as part of the Afghan resettlement program to Minneapolis!

The family recently arrived in the North Metro and will be moving very soon into their new apartment in Uptown, near St. Paul’s. They have six kids and came to Minneapolis by way of a resettlement facility on a military base in New Mexico. Minnesota Council of Churches is working as their resettlement agency and is coordinating their first six or seven months in the United States.

Several members of St. John’s have already expressed interest in helping with this work. In the coming days we’ll have more information about ways you can get involved.

Please understand that we will be making very specific requests for assistance with based on what the family and MCC are telling us that they need.

This situation is quite fluid and will change quickly. If you’d like to be involved, we’d like to get you on our email list. Please send your contact information to Tim Rowe ( and/or Jenny Zanner-Rowe ( so we can keep you up to date! Stay tuned—thank you!