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Annual Meeting

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Annual Meeting Sunday, January 23rd, 2022 at 11:00am (via Zoom)

Please make a special effort to join the whole congregation for our Annual Meeting. A quorum of 50 people is required. On this day we will have ONE 10:00am Sunday morning service (which can also be watched independently at a time convenient for you, as usual). Afterward, we will meet for our Annual Meeting, at which we will reflect spiritually about the previous year, elect new vestry members, review the budget for the coming year, and engage in joy and celebrating as a community. There will be no Sunday school. Every year we elect new members to the vestry – our church’s governing body or board of directors – to replace members whose terms are expiring. Serving on vestry is an important way to give back to our community by providing leadership after engaging in other aspects of St. John’s community life.

The following members are leaving the vestry in January, having completed their service:
Senior Warden Stacy Walters, Mark Halley, Rachel Harrison, and Ginny Jacobson (Clerk).

The vestry nominations slate (all positions are uncontested):
Senior Warden: Mark Lindberg
Junior Warden (2-year term; becomes Senior Warden in January 2023): Laura Meister
3 vestry members (3-year terms that end January 2025): Leah Guy, Ed Schaefer, Susan Tapp
1 vestry member (unexpired 2-year term that ends January 2024): Mark Slade
1 vestry member (unexpired 1-year term that ends January 2023): Tim Rowe

Position appointed by the Vestry:
Clerk: Mike Walters

Convention delegate (unexpired 2-year term that ends January 2024):
Hillary Clayburgh

FULL Annual Report

See Bios and pictures for all positions here!

All members of St. John’s are eligible to vote remotely at our virtual January 23rd annual meeting, when this election will be held. Please join us in thanking both incoming and outgoing vestry members for their service to St John’s.