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Blessing & Farewell to Amy McGrew

By August 20, 2020No Comments

Beloved St. John’s community,

It is time to convey our warmest gratitude, blessing and farewell to Amy McGrew, Interim Minister of Children, Youth & Families. Her last day with St. John’s will be Friday September 4 (last Sunday is August 30), before she accepts her next call. Amy has spent the last nine months helping St. John’s transition—creating and running programs for children & youth, building needed administrative foundations for these ministries, and using her gifts of leadership and spiritual listening to help St. John’s identify its values, prepare a job description and conduct a search for the new Minister for Children, Youth & Families, which is now complete. In all respects, Amy has conducted herself with professional warmth, cheer, competence, a deeply spiritual presence, careful communication, and with the gifts we need and expect from all ministers.

We love Amy and have been so blessed by her presence and ministry among us. I invite you to join me in wishing Amy your blessings, prayers, and gratitude. You can do so in the following ways: (1) attend the zoom worship service on Sunday, August 30 at 9am to offer our prayers and blessing for her; (2) for children, youth & families, attend the Scavenger Hunt on Saturday August 29 from 9:30 – 11:30 (see our calendar here for details); (3) bring a card of love and thanks to the Scavenger Hunt or mail it to Amy at St. John’s; (4) email Amy at to express your gratitude; or (5) contact Heidi Weaver at Heidi is leading the St. John’s effort to provide blessing to Amy and welcome to Heather, our new Minister of Children, Youth and Families, during this time of transition.

With all my heart, Amy, I affirm your gifts, offer you my affection and gratitude, and pray God’s richest blessing on you in your future life and ministry. You are and been a gift to St. John’s, and we can’t thank you enough.

With love and blessings,