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Church Mortgage Refinanced at Local Bank

By June 9, 2021No Comments

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Church Mortgage Refinanced at Local Bank

Thanks to our members’ continued contributions to the Capital Campaign that funded major improvements to our church building a few years ago, we were recently able to pay down and refinance our mortgage. Until now the mortgage had been held by Wells Fargo. At our January annual meeting, members asked if we could find a bank that exemplified our commitment to social justice. We were unable to identify any local banks owned by people of color, but we did find Sunrise Bank and have now moved our mortgage to them. Sunrise is a local, family-owned, socially responsible bank. In their words, they don’t see themselves as bankers, they see themselves as a social engine for good. The Minneapolis Lakes magazine recently published a great story on Sunrise; you can read it here on pages 24-26 of the magazine. Thanks to our members for supporting our building – and for pushing for actions to meet our social justice commitments!