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Honoring Our Confirmation Class

By May 28, 2020August 20th, 2020No Comments

Beloved St. John’s community,

If the pandemic had not happened, this coming Sunday on Pentecost our Bishop would have been confirming youths from our confirmation class – a significant milestone in the journey of following Jesus’ Way of Love. Since in-person gatherings, including the laying on of hands that accompanies confirmation, cannot safely happen right now, we are postponing this confirmation until it is safe. But in the meantime I want to invite the entire St. John’s community to acknowledge, love, honor and pray for those who were in the confirmation class, and the wonderful adults who accompanied them.

They are: Alexandre Cholat, Finnegan Hunsicker, Avery Schaefer, Liv Rosten, Sidney Mussell, Zander, Benjamin and Joseph Carpenter, Lyda Wilner, Zander Zoia, Aiden Criner, Rohan Mittra, Coleman McNally, Britt Sutton, Tom Mickelson, Dominic Schweikart, Kellan Ireland-Niemeier, Taylor Runice, Sydney Tannen, Garrett Walvoord, and Karsten Wennerlund. Their leaders have been John Bellaimey, Stephanie Mendez, Michael Morrow, and Mike & Stacy Walters.

Please join me in sending them love, care and blessing! And know that this is just a pause. As soon as we safely can, we will join together to rejoice in honoring all these youths—those who choose to be confirmed and those who choose not to right now.

With love, affection and blessing,