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Children & Youth Ministry Volunteer Recognition

By May 14, 2020No Comments

St. John’s appreciates all those who volunteered their time, skills, passion and presence to serve children and teens while influencing relational and faith formation. The hours spent the past nine months intentionally engaging children and teens is of immeasurable valuable. Thank you for preparing, researching, listening, discerning, teaching, influencing, relating, laughing, and being with young people. We appreciate you:

John Bellaimey, Confirmation

Dave Carlson, Sunday School Grades 6-7

Hillary Clayburgh, Sunday School Grades 6-7

Diane Erdmann, Transition Task Force

Rachel Gagliardi, Pilgrims Grades 8-9

Leah Guy, Transition Task Force

Tim Hunsicker, Sunday School Grades K-2

Carol Jarvis,  Sunday School Grades 3-5 & Supplies

Jenny Lindberg, Godly Play Ages 3-5

Sara Logan, Godly Play Ages 3-5

Kelly Lilja, Sunday School Grades 3-5

Kirsten Mair, Sunday School Grades 8-9 & Pilgrims

Kaitlin McDonald, Youth Group Grades 6-7

Ann McGinn, Sunday School Grades 8-9

Loran Meccia, Godly Play Ages 3-5

Stephanie Mendez, Confirmation

Michael Morrow, Confirmation

David Nelson, Sunday School Grades 8-9

Elisabeth Olson, Sunday School Grades 3-5

Kathryn Olson, Transition Task Force

Kari Rusch-Curl, Sunday School Grades 6-7 & Transition Task Force

Heidi Schaefer, Godly Play Ages 3-5

Mark Slade, Youth Group Grades 6-7 & Transition Task Force

Mike Walters, Confirmation

Stacy Walters, Confirmation

Heidi Weaver, Transition Task Force

Ann Wilner, Sunday School Grades K-2

Umbra Wilner, Sunday School Grades K-2

Mark Zoia, Sunday School Grades 3-5