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By June 15, 2023No Comments

This past weekend Linda and I were at White Earth…to celebrate the feast day of Enmegbegahbowh and experience a traditional powwow. This was not my first trip to this sacred land, I have been with these wonderful people for Safe Church Training and Council activities over the past 25 years. It was our first powwow at White Earth, and the first time we had celebrated the feast day at Enmegbegahbowh’s home church Saint Columba’s.

At St John’s we have been discerning for a while the notion of ‘wild’ church. My understanding and descriptive use of ‘wild’ is not ‘in the wild’ so much as ‘outside the norm’. What might a sacred experience be ‘outside’ our rubric, or prayer book, or building, or personal cultural norm. We have spent time also imagining from a Celtic point of view our spiritual relationship with creation (nature) and creator. Our experience at White Earth was all of that, ‘everything, everywhere, all at once’.

The heartbeat rhythmic drumming and entrance of over 1000 dancers brought both of us to tears… the Holy Spirit was manifested in that dance, drumming, and community.

Imagine the juxtaposition of honoring nations, veterans, and first nations ancestorial regalia. I was struck with the irony, and Isaiah’s guidance to the hostage Jewish people in captivity to live fully regardless of your current circumstances, yet not to forget your heritage.

Communal liturgical dance honoring the Creator.

Power and Wisdom of Women

…and the children

Consider for yourselves and your families the ’wild’ opportunities you might have this summer to experience a sacred time, and sacred space. Where might you as a disciple walking the way of love, experience the innovation that is gifted to each of us by the Holy Spirit. How might that experience renew your vitality to work for justice, peace, and reparation in a complicated challenging world?

Summer is a time for refreshment, renewal, and recreation… I invite you to share your stories…

Blessings, Rex