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Upcoming Small Group Opportunities: Discipleship and Race

By November 12, 2020No Comments

There are two opportunities approaching for small group learning, prayer and practice: (1) Lisa’s “Spiritual Bootcamp in the Wilderness” and (2) Sacred Ground: A Film-Based Dialog Circle on Race.

The first, a 10-week “Spiritual Bootcamp in the Wilderness: Walking Jesus’ Way of Love,” will be a weekly early morning session with Lisa in which we pray, reflect, study and practice what engaging the gospel means in all aspects of our daily lives, including in our work to center racial justice and healing. We will explore creating an authentic rule of life using Jesus’ Way of Love as a guide; will seek inspiration from scripture and other sources in which we encounter God; and will share honestly with each other how this practice and learning plays out in our daily lives. Please email our Rector Lisa if you are interested by Tuesday, November 17. Dates will be set by canvassing the group’s availability, but will begin by early December at the latest.

The second, a 10-session bi- or tri- weekly Wednesday night group, is called “Sacred Ground: A Film-Based Dialog Series on Race”. This will begin Wednesday December 2, and continue every second or third Wednesday through April. Facilitated by parishioners Rie Gilsdorf, Peter Stebinger, and other lay leaders at St. John’s, we will continue our deep learning about race and how it impacts our own lives and community, in order to follow Jesus to participate in God’s justice and healing. Please email Rachel Svihel to register.