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Earth Matters Resources

By July 30, 2020No Comments

Resources for Environmentally-Sustainable Living

We at St. John’s are aware of the devastating impact that climate change is having on our planet. Many of us are advocating for state, national, and global policies that will reduce pollution and better protect “this fragile earth, our island home,” as we read in the Book of Common Prayer. Fortunately, we do not have to take action alone. On a national level, our presiding bishop, Michael Curry, is promoting the church’s efforts in environmental justice and awareness. The church has created a Creation Care covenant as a commitment to environmental responsibility, see it here.

St. John’s is active in several areas. One is these ways is our collaborative work with Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, which advocates for the environment through leadership development programs and activities for adults and youth. We also participate in Xcel Energy’s Windsource program, which offsets our electric energy use and helps fund construction of wind turbines. This program is available for private residences as well. Read about it here.

We are also striving, individually, to be more environmentally responsible and live more sustainably each day. Finding reliable information can be a challenge; fortunately, we have within our church several members who are knowledgeable about solar energy, electric cars, rain gardens, composting, and other earth-friendly practices. For their contact information, click here. Here are some additional topics we have articles on:


Check out our regular Earth Matters section under the Justice & Service/Local Ministries link on St. John’s website here.