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Fall Service Times

By August 19, 2021No Comments

This fall, beginning Sunday, September 12, we will begin having two Sunday morning services:

9:00am Service of Holy Eucharist using innovative liturgies (contemporary style with piano)

11:15am Book of Common Prayer Rite II Service of Holy Eucharist (traditional style with organ)

For the time being, we will not be having the 8:00am service, but may resume that at any point, depending on how the pandemic continues to evolve.

Why these changes?
We prayerfully considered the spiritual needs of our parishioners, the uncertainty of the pandemic and the resources of our community, clergy and staff. Because both traditional and innovative worship are so highly important to us, we will resume the  9am and 11:00 service—now moved slightly to 11:15am—as they were before the pandemic. The 11:15 service time change was made to provide a full hour for adult and children’s faith formation, which is a high priority of our church. We have temporarily suspended the 8:00am intimate traditional service in the chapel in an effort to steward our resources well, but will continue to have the very similar Brownbag Eucharist on Tuesdays in the chapel at 12:15.

Will things change again?
We will continue to prayerfully discern how God’s Spirit is leading St. John’s, and will pay attention to the spiritual needs of our members. As the pandemic ebbs and flows, we will make decisions about change when that seems necessary. Meanwhile, we thank everyone for your patience and continued participation in the life of St. John’s, and are looking forward to our program year beginning on September 12!