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Food for All: Help Good Courage Farm with organic produce

By July 14, 2022No Comments

Good Courage Farm, located 68 miles from the Twin Cities, is a fully-functional farm in partnership with the Episcopal Church. The farmers use organic and increasingly regenerative methods to grow lots of perennial food crops. The 18-acre farmstead is home to cats, dogs, ducks, goats and a few stray peafowl, as well as a myriad of other creatures – songbirds, frogs, grasshoppers, bats and more!

Located in Hutchinson, a major part of Good Courage Farm’s mission is to share the food that they produce. They donate a large portion of their crops to Minnesota food pantries, including First Nations Kitchen (one of their major food partners).

The farm is looking for some volunteers over the next few weeks to aid in some work directly relating to the crops to be donated to First Nations Kitchen (two of which are apples and potatoes).  Volunteers can work partial or full days, lunch and lemonade are provided – and you can spend your breaks petting the goats, watching the peahens trying to get into the barn, or being amused by the team of adolescent tuxedo ducks. This is truly a magical place, and they need our help!

Reach out to St. John’s seminary intern Laura Natta via text or telephone at 417-849-3474 to support the vision and seed the future – and help First Nations Kitchen at the same time.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Grace and peace,


Laura Natta, Ph.D.
Episcopal Diocese of California
Virginia Theological Seminary