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Getting Souls to the Polls

By September 10, 2020November 12th, 2020No Comments

“We are blessed as a nation to vote. As citizens of this country this is a right, an obligation, and a duty. Go vote. Vote your conscience. Your conscience informed by what it means to love your neighbor, to participate in the process of seeking the common good, to participate in the process of making this a better world. However you vote, go and vote. And do that as followers of Jesus.” -Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

St. Johns organized a “Souls to the Polls” effort in the election for President.  We believe that the more people who vote, the better the outcomes for our democracy, regardless of who wins. More than 150 million voters have already had their ballots tallied this year — exceeding the number in any previous election. Incredible! And when all the counting is done, it looks like at least 66% of eligible voters will have participated – the highest voter participation since 1908.

As part of our work, some of us joined the Vote Forward campaigns to help encourage low-propensity voters in swing states to vote by writing them personal letters. Vote Forward is organizing a new campaign to write Georgians who will vote in a special run-off election January 5th to choose two U.S. Senators.  These elections will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate. Please stay tuned for details about this campaign, which will launch next week.