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Helping our new Afghan Neighbors, Part 2

By January 20, 2022January 25th, 2022No Comments

Friends –

Here is an update on the Afghan Immigrant Family. Thank you for everyone who has expressed interest in participating in this ministry. The combined congregations have a family of 8 designated, and we are waiting for approval from Refugee Services from The Episcopal Church. The family has relatives in the metro, who immigrated recently.

There is a house secured in Minneapolis once the formalities are complete. The Minnesota Council of Churches will provide new mattresses, all other furniture will be needed. I suggest you make a list of any furniture you are considering donating so once we have approval and move in date, we can combine the lists and forward to the family for their selection.

Thankfully Tim and Jenny Rowe have offered to lead the St. John’s group.

All three congregations, St Paul’s, St John’s and St Lukes-James are working together, and we will coordinate once approval is completed. There will be more to follow as soon as we have formal approval.

Blessings and Peace,
Rex Mckee