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Lent Madness 2023

By February 2, 2023No Comments

Lent Madness is Upon Us!

It is time for our annual, nationwide Episcopal Church competition to see which saint will win the Golden Halo! “Lent Madness” is a fun way to learn about some of the men, women and non-binary folks who have been heroes in our faith.

How can you participate? First, see the 2023 Bracket and do your own research of each of these saints.

In next week’s e-news, we will provide you a link to tell us which saints you pick in each bracket contest. You must email us with your selections by midnight on Shrove Tuesday, February 21, for your bracket to count! As of Ash Wednesday, February 22, the game is on. Every day in lent, you can find out which saint wins that day’s contest at the Lent Madness website, so be sure to follow along! And we will be giving regular announcements on Sunday morning as to how St. John’s competitors are doing.

Stacy & Mike Walters have been clear winners for at least two years. Peter Stebinger pulled ahead in 2019, I believe. Who will win this year? The winner will get a mysterious prize …

On a slightly less frivolous note, it is good to find out what our spiritual ancestors have been about and how they expressed their faith. Without them, we could not be here, even if we might sometimes make different choices than they made. We are in a continuing story and communion with them—part of the “great crowd of witnesses” who dared to believe that a different world was possible through the empowerment of God’s Spirit. Let us join their courage, humility, hope and faith to make a difference in today’s world!