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Lent Madness Update 3.26

By March 26, 2020No Comments

Hello again, Lent Madness players!

The lack of sports to follow has greatly enhanced my love of this game. At least this game gives me something I can repeatedly refresh during the day hoping for a different result. Refreshing the news does not help!

We are now half-way through the Saintly 16 round. 8 matchups over, 8 to go. And with the increased points (3 per correct choice) the ranks have been changed up!  Young Henry Clayburgh has picked all four matches to date in this round for an additional 12 points. He is the only one!  Barb Risken (I told you to keep an eye out for her in the last update!) and Peter Stebinger have both hit 3 or 4 for 9 more points.  Nine folks have 2 correct this round, many have one, and the rest have none (you probably could have worked that out).

So the top five are now:

  1. Henry Clayburgh and Susan Swann both have 32
  2. Barb Risken and Mary Corlett/Joanie Hawkinson each have 31
  3. Abby Clayburgh with 30.

We have three teams at 29, two at 28!  It is wicked close at the top with plenty of time for huge movements – for example, prior to the four most current matches, Henry was in 17th and is now in the lead! Last update had Rex and Diane hot on the heels of the leaders. They have slowed a little bit, but both still have the potential for big gains in the coming matches.

In case you are not following along and voting each day – can’t imagine that you have anything else on your plate currently, but just in case – here are the results of the second round matches that are completed as of Wednesday AM when I wrote this:

Saintly 16

March 24th: Margaret of Castello (69%) defeats Eva Lee Matthews (31%)
March 23rd: Brother Lawrence (81%) defeats Margery Kempe (19%)
March 20th: Joseph (76%) defeats Elizabeth (24%)
March 19th: Herman of Alaska (68%) defeats Thomas More (32%)

Don’t forget, you can vote each day over at the official National Lent Madness website:

-Nigel Mendez