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Lent Madness Update 4.2

By April 2, 2020No Comments

This is getting crazy! At the time of my last update, half-way through the Saintly 16 round – we had Henry Clayburgh picking up 12 points and looking invincible. After that posting, he failed to get any more points, and dropped from first place to 22nd place! WHAT?!?!?  Susan Swann, who was tied with Henry for first fell to eleventh? I feel that my updates might be like the Madden Curse!

However, some of our top five from last week have held steady. Barb Risken and Mary Corlett / Joanie Hawkinson (both were tied for third) have moved up to a tie for first!  But Henry’s sister, Abby, has not fared as well. She’s fallen to 24th from fifth.

We have now completed the Saintly 16 round, and had one match in the Elate 8 (Big win for Tubman!).  This is the point in the competition that folks start falling or climbing rapidly.  The points have increased (five points for each correct Elate 8 pick), and fewer people still have someone left to compete in each match. We have some people that have no possible remaining points, some with ten remaining, and many in the 30’s or 40’s.  BUT, the biggest note is that Barb, our current leader, still is able to earn 57 more points! Barb is the only contestant that has both of her finalists in contention!  About half of us have one person left.  However, that might change in the coming days!  While Barb has 57 possible points, Mary/Joanie only have 26.  The next closest to Barb is Ginny Jacobsen  with 44 remaining points.  I’m still expecting some upsets in the coming days!

So the top five are now:

  1. Barb Risken and Mary Corlett/Joanie Hawkinson each have 45
  2. Rex McKee has 43
  3. Elizabeth Olson has 42
  4. TIE with Peter Stebinger, Mike Walters, Dianne Pizey, and Steve Schewe

A lot of new names this week!

Here are the current standings:




Here are the results since the last posting:

Elate 8

March 31st: Harriet Tubman (61%) defeats Herman of Alaska (39%)

Saintly 16

March 30th: Elizabeth Fry (75%) defeats Clare of Assisi (25%)
March 27th: Hildegard of Bingen (63%) defeats Elizabeth the New Martyr (43%)
March 26th: Joanna the Myrrhbearer (65%) defeats Bartimaeus (35%)
March 25th: Harriet Tubman (75%) defeats James Solomon Russell (25%)