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Offerings from Exile

By May 14, 2020June 11th, 2020No Comments

Jay Hornbacher and Steve Schewe are proposing an anthology about our faith community’s experience during the pandemic. In Offerings from Exile:  A Handbook of Resilience, we will focus on a Pentecost theme: how is God’s Spirit showing up in your life and in the life of the world—in good times and bad? Share what you see God doing using various languages/expressive arts. We will continue to publish these offerings throughout the summer, as they are submitted to us.

Have you been writing? Drawing? Painting? Taking photos? Making music? Quilting or cooking or gardening or sculpting or building? Send proposed contributions digitally (PDF, JPEG or video files ideal) to Jay Hornbacher, or call at 612-741-9345.  With staff help, Jay and Steve will organize, edit, and post a selection of these online for Pentecost and regularly thereafter.  P.S. If you know about layout and editing in a desktop publishing/social media environment, we could use your help!