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Quilts at St. John’s

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Artist Statement for “The Mighty Wind”

God sent a Mighty Wind down to all the people and it blew around and through them and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. On that day, a very special day, all the people from all the nations were able to understand and talk to everyone. The Mighty Wind blew around and around and even those who were skeptical were engulfed and transformed into believers.

For a few skeptical people, the Middle Easterner, the American with the sunglasses, the doubter: they all came to believe the power of God. Whether speaking or listening, these representatives of their countries are the small percentage of people the Holy Spirit touched that day.

The Mighty Wind is only what this artist can imagine. We hardly ever really see the wind – only the effects of the wind. Watching a pile of leaves stirred, some lifted to great heights and twirled around, then dropped like bad seeds, are only what the wind playfully performs. The results of tornados are still effects of the wind and not the wind itself. The physical motion it takes to push a rooftop over or pick up a car and roll it around before letting it fall: that motion is the wind!

So, you see, the circles of bright color is my version of the wind. As it blows, it goes through people, it joins other circles and crosses them. In the end, one gust of wind will blow up and “sprinkle” wind everywhere. The circles were the wind blowing up and blowing around.  I used color and motion to show the wind. The people were chosen by their available headdresses. I wanted the outfits to be bright and beautiful. The people came alive once they were sculpted by the quilting.

Acts 2:1-13


Feed My People Artist Statement & Stories (Written by Carol Hancuh) 

Morty and Iris, Jeffrey, Lily, Raymond, and Jasmine are all in the park, wondering where their next meal will come from. Nick, the Marine, has seen these hungry faces before and is shocked to see them here at home in America. He is demonstrating for their sake. Due to “insufficient funds”, food that rots in the fields cannot feed the hungry. Each face is a person and each person has a story to tell. Raw edge applique creates each face. Food sustains each body. Give to your local food shelf.

8 year old boy, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey is homeless. He roams the streets by day and sleeps in a large cardboard furniture box by night under a tall bridge. He scours the tourist sites during the day, picking up half-eaten sandwiches just tossed by well-fed sightseers who buy more than they can consume. When tourists are few, Jeffrey wonders where his next meal will come from. When city workers clean the streets near his box, Jeffrey wonders, when returning to it, if it will still be there. Jeffrey has no known family, and he does not attend school.

Morty and Iris.

A loving couple, weathered by hunger, worry, despair, but holding true to each other, Morty and Iris enjoy sunny days on a park bench, watching the world go by. They have subsidized housing, a small flat with no kitchen and no hot water. They stretch their tiny income to it’s limit which usually gets them to the 25th day of the month. The last week’s dining experiences include handouts, one meal at a local soup kitchen, and whatever they find on the streets. After 49 years as a couple, Morty and Iris still maintain an undying love for each other. Jobs have always been short-lived for both, but their love remains.


Raymond is an angry man through and through. He is angry that he didn’t get the promotions that were coming to him at work. He’s angry that his family doesn’t understand him and doesn’t want to be around him. He’s angry at the social worker who desperately tries to find him a place to sleep. He’s angry at the tourists who shy away from him. He’s angry that his stomach growls from morning to night. He’s angry that he has to sleep on the sidewalk during the day because it’s too dangerous to sleep at night. He’s angry that the stoplight is red and not green. Raymond is always hungry.


Jasmine has had a tough life. Her beauty has been a curse, attracting men with less than honorable intentions, While too young to care, Jasmine had a child and was forced to give her up for adoption. Now, she trusts no one, has few friends whom she rarely sees, and only sees a future of isolation and lonliness. Jasmine seldom eats, partly by choice and partly by opportunity. Life is not kind.


Lily is 4. She is one of many children borne to homeless mothers. She is free to roam the neighborhood in search of food. This is her “job” each day. Lily is hungry. Lily is angry.

Nick, the Marine

Serving your country is gilded with glory, or at least that’s what Nick thought. Upon return, he found it impossible to work a full day without memories of fighting clouding his vision. Nick has several emotional issues to work through, but he is improving. After seeing, first-hand, crowds of people always hungry and always fearful in another world, he now sees the same crowds in this country. It’s too much to see and do nothing.