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Racial Justice and Healing at St. John’s

By January 13, 2022No Comments

Beloved St. John’s community,

As you will recall, following the murder of George Floyd, St. John’s did extensive work exploring systemic racism and ultimately discerning the Spirit’s call to center the work of racial justice and healing in our parish. We found this work to be central to the gospel and Christian faith, not an adjunct to them, given the place and time in which we live. We believe God cares deeply about all oppressed peoples and calls us to follow our baptismal covenants to “strive for justice and peace among all peoples, and respect the dignity of every human being,” We identified four primary focus areas we would follow up on: pray, learn, act, and connect.

So, what have we done about this?

This coming Sunday January 16, we will honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King during our online worship services. We will also use the 10:10 adult forum (over zoom only) to present to you the actions we have taken in each of the four focus areas thus far and where we imagine going in the future. We have a Racial Justice & Healing Steering committee chaired by Mark Lindberg, which keeps St. John’s accountable to continuing this work. Please attend the adult forum over zoom (join our mailing list below to get the Zoom links) to learn more, ask your questions and offer your own insights and desires related to our racial justice and healing work.

Thank you, and we look forward to convening on Sunday!

With prayers for justice and healing,