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Spotlight on Youth: Confirmation

By March 6, 2024No Comments

This year’s Confirmation Class is made up of 10th and 11th graders and 3 adult leaders. We are so blessed to have Mike and Stacy Walters attending confirmation class with us each Sunday. Not only did they travel with these teens to Greece last summer, but they are phenomenal role models, and they add so much wisdom to our lessons. Because one focus of the Greece Pilgrimage was learning about immigration issues, we have served at Casa Maria and have learned more about the program and local immigration issues from Cyara and Rev. Julie Luna. We also have welcomed Rex McKee to speak with us about immigrant issues and opportunities in Minneapolis. Part of the pilgrimage agreement is to continue to learn about the issues we studied in the country when we return home. We have had many opportunities this year to do just that. As always,  John Bellaimey has been very gracious with his time and has presented multiple times to the class about topics such as the Israel/Palestine conflict, what it means to be an Episcopalian, and Jesus’ Upside Down Wisdom. We are looking forward to learning more from him this spring!

Throughout the rest of the year we have been following the curriculum in the Episcopal Confirmation Guide, I Will with God’s Help, by Mary Lee Wile. We’ve wrestled with topics such as our creeds, repentance, inclusion in the church, worship (they got to redesign the church in a way that felt meaningful to them), prayer, the sacraments, and more.

Confirmation students are also asked to provide service to the church. Tanner, Rocco, Maren and Carly have all helped to lead Sunday School and Children’s Chapel this year. Erin, Claudia and Maren have all served in the nursery. Over the summer, Tanner, Erin, Claudia, Carly, and Maren volunteered at Peace Frogs camp all day for a week. Look for them during Holy Week as they help to run the Maundy Thursday Agape meal, the Walking with Jesus event, and the Easter Stations for children! We are so grateful to have our youth connecting to St. John’s in a variety of ways!

This spring, they will write their faith statements outlining their beliefs, spiritual goals and how they hope to grow in faith. They will present these to their families at the confirmation dinner. Confirmation for this class will be on Sunday, June 2nd at the 10am service at St. John’s. We hope you can be there to welcome these new members into our congregation on June 2nd! Additionally, please take some time to consider how you can help our teens to feel welcomed and a part of our community. The more we reach out to and affirm our youth, the more they will want to stay connected to the church as they explore their spirituality and beliefs. Thank you for caring for them along their spiritual journey!

– Heather Miller (