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“Stories of God’s Presence and Power” 7.28.22

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Pentecost Poem

God’s presence is an invitation

to see what’s beyond

to be curious

to observe

the flight of the bird, the reaction of my ego, the message of pain

God’s presence is a call

to know God’s truth, not human truth

to always live in wonder

to never think I know

God’s presence is a reminder

of the mystery of everything

we pretend to have situated

we pin down what can’t be made still

because it is always pulsing

God’s presence is a rhythm

in my bones

on my tongue

through my skin

sometimes so subtle I can’t hear it no matter how hard I try

sometimes so loud it seems as though it will echo beyond anywhere I’ve been before

God’s presence is power



the moon, massive in the night sky

pulling me toward it

Sara Pohlad