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Summer Solstice Community Virtual Pow Wow

Summer Solstice Community Virtual Pow Wow
Thursday, June 24, 6-8pm

First Nations Kitchen is hosting a Summer Solstice Virtual Community Pow Wow in partnership with the Hook & Ladder, and CTEP Americorps. We are aiming to decrease isolation and offer a celebration to our local Native Communities. One of our leaders the Rev. Barb Fairbanks had this to say about the Pow Wow…

“ The Virtual Pow Wow will be an awesome event connecting the community to a welcoming social celebration that represents traditional Native American culture, customs, and values. It’s been a long year, due to the pandemic, without any Pow Wows in Indian country and they have certainly been missed. Many people believe that Native American Pow Wows help keep us connected to our ancestors who are no longer with us and keep the traditional ways alive. The drum represents the heartbeat of the culture and is to be treated with the utmost respect. This Pow Wow will be a welcoming event to many in the community!”