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Support Our Haiti Partners

By April 28, 2021No Comments

Support our Partner School in Haiti

Since 2007, St. John’s has been in partnership with the Episcopal parish and school of St Philippe et St Jacques in Collin/Gressier, Haiti. Our partnership is one of many in the Diocese of Haiti Parish Partnership Program, which partners Episcopal parishes or dioceses in the US with Episcopal churches in Haiti. Over the years, St. John’s has supported both the school and medical clinics, but since 2016 our sole commitment has been to pay the teacher salaries at the school. As the number of students has grown and additional grades have been added, the total budget has risen to $2,200 per month. We have been paying salaries for ten months, for a total budget of $22,000.

Over the past school year, schools all over Haiti were closed for most of the time, first because of political unrest, and then because of Covid-19. However, the Haiti Committee made the choice to continue paying the teacher salaries, and because of the generosity of St. John’s parishioners, we were able to keep that promise. School resumed on August 10, and will continue through the end of July. The extended school year has enabled the students to catch up the learning they missed last year. Every year, students in sixth and ninth grade are required to take government exams, and this year every student at St Philippe et St Jacques passed! A testament to the hard work of both students and teachers.

Once again, we are asking for your donations to help pay these teachers’ salaries. Because of our commitment, children are able to attend school without tuition, which most parents can’t afford. Without our partnership, many of these students would not be attending school at all. And by paying the teachers’ salaries, we ensure that they can afford to feed and care for their own children. Please donate what you can.

You can donate online here (use the line titled “Haiti”).

Mesi Anpil
Thank you very much!
Dianne Pizey and the Haiti Partnership Committee