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Support Quality Education in Haiti

By August 3, 2023September 26th, 2023No Comments

Haiti is in turmoil. Armed gangs control much of the capital, Port au Prince. There is no effective government. The cost of food and gas has skyrocketed. Travel is dangerous.

And yet, the Episcopal Church continues to provide free, quality education for children all over Haiti. This is only possible because of partnerships between US and Haitian Episcopal churches and schools. Since 2007, St John’s has been partnered with the church and school of St Philippe et St Jacques in Gressier/Collin, Haiti. We have helped the school grow from preschool through 6th grade to preschool through 11th grade. Last year, over 200 children received a quality education despite the difficult situation in their country. School opening was delayed until December, but has continued through the first week of August and will open again in September.

We heard the concerns of the teachers that their pay was not enough to support their families, so we have worked with the Priest in Charge, Rev Markendy Jean, and School Principal, Michel Elissaint to revise the budget. This year, all of our donations will go only to teacher salaries. The teachers are very grateful for this extra income.

This support is only possible because of the generosity of the members of St John’s. Our partners receive no other funding from the Diocese of Haiti or Episcopal Church USA.

Donations will be accepted in the gallery before and after the service, or you can put a check with Haiti on the memo line into the collection plate, or you can donate online here.

Please be generous.

Dianne Pizey and the Haiti Committee